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3 Aug 20

What Next?

It’s been four months since Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a national 6-month moratorium on evictions and, by now, most landlords have arrived at solutions to try to stay on top of expenses, but what will your situation be come September?

Although JobKeeper and JobSeeker will be extended until 28 March 2021, payments will be reduced and employer eligibility reassessed.

Some landlords may be faced with the difficult decision about whether to evict what were previously perfectly good tenants, who are now in arrears; or face the prospect of a vacancy in an uncertain rental market.

Anecdotally it seems many landlords are leaning towards maintaining the status quo. Rental arrears will still be owing so lost income could still be recovered in the future. Maintaining an existing tenancy agreement and any rent reduction at least means both you and your tenant are still in the game, with each other.

You’ve had the foresight to have a property manager, so continuing to engage with us on a regular basis is your best security for now. JobKeeper and JobSeeker have been extended, so there may yet be changes to state and territory relief packages that were announced a few months ago. Patience, tenacity and compassion is one of the greatest lessons we each will take from the COVID-19 pandemic it seems.

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