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3 things to do when selling
7 Oct 20

3 Things to Do When Selling

Your first task is to get a sense of your property’s currently position. Identify and compare properties similar to yours - similar sized blocks, same number of bedrooms, same views or orientations and so on. Also consider special features they added that may have got them a better than expected sale price.

A good agent and a timely appraisal are essential. Start with recommendations from others, then find agents in the local area to give yourself options. You’ll definitely need an appraisal before you list, to set the sale price of your property. Requesting appraisals helps you determine your sale price, but they’re also a great way to surreptitiously find an agent.

Dedicating some time and effort into getting your property into the best possible condition to sell is rarely a bad investment.

Usually a property appraisal will have advice built into around ways to improve the property’s value. Start by cleaning up outside, clearing junk rooms and cupboards inside, then go deeper to do maintenance and repairs. Finally, engaging professional designers, photographers and home staging consultants will ensure your home has a professional finish and puts is best foot forward, wherever a potential buyer interacts with it.

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