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Autumn Checklist
3 Mar 21

Autumn Checklist

Summer takes a toll on your property so early autumn is a great time to take another look as the weather cools and before the dampness of winter sets in. Make a list of the things you think need checking and, if the timing’s right, schedule a routine inspection to have them checked. Your property manager can investigate any maintenance issues and get to work. The things that always need to be checked are:

  • Fences, gardens & outdoor entertaining – clearing vegetation that died over summer, trimming overgrowth, feeding lawn, repainting damaged fences & gates, weeding around paths & decks.
  • Walls, doors, windows and roofs - surfaces often need attention such as ivy being trimmed back, mould or water damage dealt with & general repairs. Check for damage or wear on door & window frames, or hinges / handles that need tightening or replacing. Window frames & doors might be due for repainting & it’s worth organising a professional to inspect the roof for any leaks. Have the external gutters cleaned and checked for blockages or corrosion, in preparation for the rain that autumn brings.
  • Appliance care, function and safety - appliances that clean things need to be cleaned themselves, so running a rinse aid /vinegar wash cycle a few times a year is a good idea, along with cleaning out the filters in washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. Heaters, fireplaces, smoke detectors, ovens, stovetops and hot water services all need checking.

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