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The Leasing Market in March 2021
9 Apr 21

The Leasing Market in March 2021

If only we could magically click our fingers and find a few more properties to lease.  

Our local market is still very tight and with a large number of attendees at our Open Homes and multiple applications being received, competition is fierce amongst prospective tenants.

Needless to say, it is not pleasant to disappoint nice people who would make great tenants, hence the desire to introduce a little magic to our world. 

The media has really highlighted the lack of housing locally and with it, affordability for tenants.  As demand increases, naturally so do rents.  It is a cycle we are all familiar with and as investors, you are only too aware that the market can also go down (they always forget to mention that part).   

Our most popular property this month was a three bedroom home located in …. West Uleverstone, attracting a whopping 72 enquiries, 21 applications and 13 inspections!  

The highest price we achieved for a property during March was $470 per week, a modern 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Park Grove! Matching people exclusively from our tenant ready network to offmarket properties is something we love doing!

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