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17 Jun 21

How to Sell the Marital Home When Divorcing

With Deanne Lamprey

Deciding what to do with the marital home is just one of the many difficult decisions facing divorcing couples.  There are financial and emotional aspects to the decision and inevitably each party will have a different opinion about what to do. ...more

5 May 21

Selling a Rented Property

With Deanne Lamprey

With the sales market bubbling along quite well in so many areas across the country, you may be considering taking advantage of these great conditions and perhaps selling your investment property.  This is not something that most people do everyday, ...more

17 Dec 20

Four Reasons to Sell over Christmas

With Deanne Lamprey

There’s a lot going on in December, so adding ‘sell the house’ to the Christmas To Do list does have an air of madness about it. However, there are always seasonal and market perks to take into consideration and this year there’s the extra benefit of ...more

10 Nov 20

Should You Sell Before You Buy?

With Deanne Lamprey

If you read the article "The Settlement Process" you would have noticed the part about vacating the property during the settlement period. This of course means you need to have somewhere else to go to and the question of buying a house before your pr ...more

9 Nov 20

The Settlement Process

With Deanne Lamprey

The moment your property has ‘sold’ is almost always thrilling. However, few are still pouring champagne in the days after that moment, as the transition between the idea and the reality is made. ...more

12 Nov 19

Property Appraisals: Estimating your Home's Value

With Jenna and Andrew Miles

A property ‘appraisal’ is an estimate of the likely market value of your property by a qualified property consultant, based on their expert opinion and local knowledge. ...more

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