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2 Oct 20

Landlord Financial Support

With Deanne Lamprey

Throughout 2020, federal, state and territory governments nationally have offered an almost bewildering array of financial support for landlords, with the aim of enabling rent reductions for tenants suffering COVID-19 financial distress. ...more

7 May 20

Insurers Criticised for Punishing Landlords

Insurers have been criticised for putting property investors with ‘Landlords Insurance’ in a compromised position if they do as Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recommended; negotiate reduced or deferred payments. ...more

12 Nov 19

How do I find the right tenant and how much rent should I ask for my granny flat?

With Deanne Lamprey

If your specific goal is to boost your retirement income, then you need to consider carefully whether you want to manage the property yourself and risk the challenges that can come up with tenants. ...more

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