First National Real Estate Burnie have qualified, reliable tradespeople who can attend to any maintenance work on your property and at the right price.

First National Real Estate Burnie have qualified, reliable tradespeople who can attend to any maintenance work on your property and at the right price.

Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs arise when an essential service ceases to function. An essential service includes; water, sewerage, electricity, cooking stove and oven, hot water service, removal of grey water and any heating that came with the property.

Legislation states that if the landlord/agent is unable to be contacted, or fails to organise the repairs within 24 hours of being notified a tenant may authorise the repairs to be done by a nominated repairer, or if there is no nominated repairer, a suitable repairer. A nominated repairer is a repairer who is nominated by the landlord/agent to carry out any repairs. A suitable repairer is a person who holds a licence (if necessary) to carry out the relevant repairs and is ordinarily employed to do so.

Repairs are only to be carried out to the extent that the essential service becomes functional again.

General Repairs

General repairs are repairs that are required to fix relatively minor damage. That is, they are not as serious as urgent or emergency repairs. A tenant is required to inform their landlord/agent of the need for any repairs in writing within 7 days of that need arising.

If the general repair / maintenance issue is reported, you will be advised accordingly and we would wait for your further instructions. You are then required to carry out the repairs within 28 days. However, you are not required to repair problems that are the fault of the tenant or that existed before the beginning of the tenancy. We recommend to rectify any maintenance issues to protect your investment.

First National Maintenance

In our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best possible service, we have implemented First National Maintenance, a system that enhances our property maintenance operations. Our objective is to ensure we attend to maintenance items on your property with your instructions in the timeliest and most professional manner and some of our owners have already used the new system.

The First National Maintenance system changes the way our office processes and reports maintenance items to you. When there is an item that requires your attention, you will receive an email with a ‘Click Here’ link to our secure property maintenance website where you can review the details of the work, request quotes, view photos and much more. No need to remember any passwords as the email link acts as your secure login to the site.

Your private Landlord review page keeps you full apprised of maintenance on your property. From the review page you can easily and quickly approve maintenance requests, request quotes from our pre-approved and trusted suppliers, elect to attend to an item personally, ask that the item be referred to the Strata Manager or decline a request. First National Maintenance logs your decision and automatically notifies us immediately, so we can act quickly on your requests.

First National Maintenance tracks all the maintenance documentation of your property including emails, letters, invoices, before and after photos and also records every action in a comprehensive Event Log that provides evidence of ongoing maintenance to maintain the value & safety of your property.

Access to the Landlord review page is available on all systems – PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone or tablet - meaning you can take care of any issues no matter where you are. As an owner, simply click on the link in the email you receive and give us your instructions.

First National Real Estate Burnie are committed to providing a streamlined, accountable process for property maintenance with the integration of First National Maintenance to maintain the highest level of service to our Landlord clients.