Arrears Management

First National Real Estate Burnie has a ‘Zero Tolerance’ rent arrears policy.

Strict Procedures for Late Payment of Rent

We have a ‘Zero Tolerance’ rent arrears policy within our office. Our policy is discussed with all tenants at their tenancy induction and they sign a form acknowledging that they understand this policy.

If Tenants do happen to fall into arrears, we know about it the same day as part of our daily arrears management routine. Prompt action follows in accordance with the Tenancy Legislation, keeping you informed throughout the process.

If notice is given because of non-payment of rent, the notice is of no effect if the tenant pays all arrears in rent before 14 days have passed. This provision operates for the first two times in any 12 month period. On the third occasion in any 12 month period, the notice has effect even if all rent in arrears has been paid.

If a notice to vacate is served and the tenant does not leave, an application is made for an possession order from the Magistrates Court.

Fortunately, stringent screening of all applications together with our ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy and early intervention has enabled us to keep our rent arrears to a minimum.